orb [ôrb]
[L orbis, a circle]
1. a sphere, or globe
a) any of the celestial spheres, as the sun, moon, etc.
b) Obs. the earth
c) the orbit of a planet
3. Old Poet. the eye or eyeball
4. a small globe with a cross on top, as a symbol of royal power
5. Archaic
a) a sphere of activity; province
b) rank; status
6. Archaic a collective body; organized whole
7. Rare anything circular in form; circle
8. Astrol. the sphere of influence of a planet, star, or house
1. to form into a sphere or circle
2. Old Poet. to enclose or encircle
1. Rare to move in an orbit
2. Old Poet. to take on the shape of an orb

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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